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  • Includes 1 Bib & 1 Tray
  • Keeps food and toys off the floor
  • You can see at a glance how much your baby has eaten
  • Is hygienically clean – provides an antibacterial, food-safe, BPA and Phthalate free surface for your baby to eat from, wherever you are
  • Cuts clean up time in half
  • Easy to clean – wipe clean tray and machine washable bib
  • The tray can be used for weaning and messy play
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Comes with a handy, wipe-clean storage bag

Gift Pack Design

2.5 mm Thickness Puzzle

- Easy To Storage & Carry

- Burrs Free , Round Edging

- 104 Pieces Puzzle

- Suitable Age : 3 Years & Above


- Fine & Smooth Suitable For Adult & Kids

- Great For Line , Shape , Detail and More

- Not Sticky & Lump-Free

- Easy To Clean

- Hard for Kids To Break

- Suitable Age : 3 Years Old

- Weight 240 gram


Variety of Creative Ideas

6 shapes of drawing board

Not a one-off!

Can repeatedly erase and paint


Help your child develop their fine motor skills by letting them learn how to cut and paste the tapes. Great for travelling activities, party packs etc. Includes 10 cards (with double sided pictures - total 20 pictures)


- 9 Geometric Shape

- Development Child's Imagination

- 3 Different Level Game Play

- 60 Reference Card

- 157 Pieces Felt Pieces , 26 Different Shape Size

- Suitable Age : 3 Years Old & Above


* A simple way to develop a child of skill / logic / IQ / common sense at a young age. All the great things of a child of the future may start in a small puzzle.
* Puzzle helps children develop strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving ability.
* This set of puzzles is made of child-safe, healthy and stable material. Printed with non-toxic and vivid colors.
* No matter how big or small our puzzles, each is precision made so that each piece fits perfectly.


Magic Acedemy

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. Five students Magic Academy. Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observations. The game helps develop children's observation, concentration, and speed up their reaction.

Where are you from

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. The world is a diverse mix of the people from different races and nations living in different places, Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observation. The game familiarizes children with features of different races and nations, also develops their observation and speeds up their reaction.

There are 40 tasks in the game. The box needs to be moved from "START" to "END". You need to follow the rules of moving and avoid the obstacles. You can make as many moves as you wish, and there are multiple solutions to one task. But the best solution is the one that with the least moves.

  • The little crocodile wanted to take a shower, but when he opened the shower, he found no water coming out. He showed disappointment. After checking, he found that there was a problem with the connection of the water pipe. Can you help the crocodile to reconnect the water pipe?
  • This set will help your little one to improve his/her observation skills, logical analysis and hand-eye coordinations!
  • A great way to spend time with your children while activating his/her thinking skills.
  • Suitable for Age: 3+

Magnetic Sudoku Kids Logic Game

1) Beginner (For age 3 - 5)  - 9 pieces, 30 game boards

2) Level 1 ( For age 4 - 6)- 16 pieces, 30 game boards

3) Level 2 ( For age 5 - 7)  - 16 pieces, 30 game boards

4) Level 3 ( For age 6 - 8)  - 16 pieces, 30 game boards

5) Medium (Above Age 8)  - 25 pieces, 30 game boards

6) Advance (Above Age 8) - 36 pieces, 30 game boards


Instructions in both Chinese and English.


Spot the difference! This is an interesting game consisting of 32 game cards, an erasable pen and a wiping cloth.

On each game card there are two pictures, the child is expected to spot between 9 to 12 differences by circling them. This is a fun game that helps your child to focus, think and learn to observe the differences in the two pictures.

Not only is this game entertaining and exciting, it also helps in the cognitive brain development of the child.

Your child will definitely love this game for its colourful pictures and reinforce your child’s learning through repeated playing!


Observation Contest for the young! This game comes with 32 game cards, an erasable pen and wiping cloth which will challenge the young's brain development and observation ability. Children complete the tasks given through their keen observation and concentration ability, which involves finding identical items, differences, and finding shadows according to different animals' shapes. The game serves to ignite the children's curiosity in learning through different game play!


All About Numbers - Learn mathematics the fun way! This set comes with 32 game cards, 1 erasable pen and a wiping cloth. Helps your kids to familiarize with basic mathematical knowledge by finishing the counting and calculation tasks given. Definitely a fun way to learn numbers and at the same time, develop their observation, concentration, analytical and problem solving skills!


Join the Little Monsters! This game comes with 32 game cards, an erasable pen and a wiping cloth. Depending on the difficulty level, there will be three to six monsters on each game card. Connect the monsters according to the sequence given by drawing lines on the card with the erasable pen. Be careful! - Avoid the rocks while you connect the monsters! This game aims to train children's observation and concentration skills. It also serves to develop children's fine motor skills.


Word Search game is made up of 32 cards and 1 marker. There are English word and the card theme on the card. By observing, find the words on the card in the alphabet and circle them with a marker, which are conducive to improve the children's concentration, increase the vocabulary and deepen the memory of the words. The card can be used again.


Brainteaser Game set consists of 32 cards and 1 marker where the games are different. Find out the rules by observing the tips on the card, and connect or mark them with a marker. Cards can be cleaned and used again to cultivate children's ability to analyze and solve practical problems.


This game set contains 32 story cards, ranging from cute dinosaurs to beautiful butterflies. Children can connect lines by observing Numbers and draw various vivid and interesting patterns. It helps to develop children's observation and imagination.


The classic maze game set has 32 story-themed CARDS, ranging from saving the little fish to alien fantasy. Cartoon theme design makes the CARDS more funny and interesting. The card is designed to be erasable for repeated use. Maze games help develop children's spatial ability, concentration ability and ability to withstand frustration. It helps improve children's emotional management ability.


[Product Description]
1.  Know the color positions of the dots and square dots through the game title, and complete the placement of yellow, orange, and purple L-shaped wood chips. There are no spaces left in the card. Cultivate the child's observation ability, analysis ability and logical thinking ability during the game. 
2.  Put the wood chips so that the wood chips are just above the dots and square points of the corresponding color. For younger children, parents can first place a certain amount of wood chips on the card position to reduce the difficulty of the game and let the children Better complete independent thinking, gradually build self-confidence.