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  • This Write-On Wipe-Off card deck features reusable surfaces so kids can easily practice their work, wipe it away, and start again! 
  • Using the included dry-erase marker, children will master number. 
  • With 26 cards  in the box, there's plenty of space for kids to write, which encourages repetition and success.
  • Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities

- Montessori Education

- Enhanced Recognition Color Number

- Easy To Grab

- Big Pieces

- Magnet Design

- No Easy to Fall


-Miyanishi Series Product -36 Pcs Puzzle Suitable for 3+ Baby -7 cm * 5 cm Per Pieces Size -3 mm Thickness -Made by Primary Pulp , More Tough for kid -Rounded Edge , Smooth and polished -Whole Complete Puzzle Size : 45cm * 15 cm


Suitable for 2yrs and above.

With 6 mini puzzles in a box, the fun keeps on going! Inspire baby imagination and concentration. Learn about the different animals commonly found in our own backyard in an interesting and interactive way! Expose your little ones to nature and have them start noticing the beauty around them. Great bonding time!

Puzzles ranges from 3 pieces to 6 pieces. Perfect for progressive play where your little adventurers can move on to the more challenging mini puzzle when they are confident.

Puzzles provide the key opportunity for the child to develop in many areas: – Concentration
– Hand-eye coordination
– Fine motor skills
– Gross motor skills
– Problem solving skills
– Shape recognition
– Strengthen self confidence
– Achieve small goals


Easy to use

One button Open

Max Weight Up to 50kg

TF5-1Model : TF5-1

Weight : 3.7kg

Suitable Age : 18-60 Months

Material : Aluminum alloy, PP 3

Color can selected :  Sky Blue, Red, Yellow


* Mutipurpose - combination of balance bike & tricycle

* Easy to transform

* Foldable

* Easy for storage

* light weight

* Premium quality 

* add on push bar to become magic stroller ( push bar is optional)


This is an optional add on for the 2 in 1 multifunction balance bike

cant use in other product series and other brand

  • Multi-function three modes, baby fun to play
  • Inflatable tires, shock absorption and wear resistance for all kinds of pavement
  • Easy to fold, small size, portable and lightweight

The protection bar to add on the Nadle 3 in 1 Foldable Multifunction Tricycle, for smaller kids use.

  • Best balance bike toddler for kids, the Nadle is engineered and constructed for superior durability.
  • The Nadle’s wheels are made of the highest quality PU which creates an incredibly smooth glide, perfect for Urban/Suburban pavements.
  • The Nadle toddler bike is the highest quality, best performing scooter for toodler ages 10-25months old

Improve kids logical thinking, observation skill, number sense through this sudoku game.

  • The little crocodile wanted to take a shower, but when he opened the shower, he found no water coming out. He showed disappointment. After checking, he found that there was a problem with the connection of the water pipe. Can you help the crocodile to reconnect the water pipe?
  • This set will help your little one to improve his/her observation skills, logical analysis and hand-eye coordinations!
  • A great way to spend time with your children while activating his/her thinking skills.
  • Suitable for Age: 3+

Magic Acedemy

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. Five students Magic Academy. Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observations. The game helps develop children's observation, concentration, and speed up their reaction.

Where are you from

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. The world is a diverse mix of the people from different races and nations living in different places, Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observation. The game familiarizes children with features of different races and nations, also develops their observation and speeds up their reaction.

[Product Description]
1.  Know the color positions of the dots and square dots through the game title, and complete the placement of yellow, orange, and purple L-shaped wood chips. There are no spaces left in the card. Cultivate the child's observation ability, analysis ability and logical thinking ability during the game. 
2.  Put the wood chips so that the wood chips are just above the dots and square points of the corresponding color. For younger children, parents can first place a certain amount of wood chips on the card position to reduce the difficulty of the game and let the children Better complete independent thinking, gradually build self-confidence.


There are 40 tasks in the game. The box needs to be moved from "START" to "END". You need to follow the rules of moving and avoid the obstacles. You can make as many moves as you wish, and there are multiple solutions to one task. But the best solution is the one that with the least moves.


Magnetic Sudoku Kids Logic Game

1) Beginner (For age 3 - 5)  - 9 pieces, 30 game boards

2) Level 1 ( For age 4 - 6)- 16 pieces, 30 game boards

3) Level 2 ( For age 5 - 7)  - 16 pieces, 30 game boards

4) Level 3 ( For age 6 - 8)  - 16 pieces, 30 game boards

5) Medium (Above Age 8)  - 25 pieces, 30 game boards

6) Advance (Above Age 8) - 36 pieces, 30 game boards


Instructions in both Chinese and English.


* A simple way to develop a child of skill / logic / IQ / common sense at a young age. All the great things of a child of the future may start in a small puzzle.
* Puzzle helps children develop strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving ability.
* This set of puzzles is made of child-safe, healthy and stable material. Printed with non-toxic and vivid colors.
* No matter how big or small our puzzles, each is precision made so that each piece fits perfectly.


Improve spatial and logical thinking with Merry Train Ride board game.


All About Numbers - Learn mathematics the fun way! This set comes with 32 game cards, 1 erasable pen and a wiping cloth. Helps your kids to familiarize with basic mathematical knowledge by finishing the counting and calculation tasks given. Definitely a fun way to learn numbers and at the same time, develop their observation, concentration, analytical and problem solving skills!