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  • This Write-On Wipe-Off card deck features reusable surfaces so kids can easily practice their work, wipe it away, and start again! 
  • Using the included dry-erase marker, children will master number. 
  • With 26 cards  in the box, there's plenty of space for kids to write, which encourages repetition and success.
  • Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities
This Write & Wipe learning cards pack helps with kids' Mathematics. Each card is double-sided and can be wiped to repeat the exercise. Each pack contains 30 cards, 1 marker, and 1 reusable wipe cloth.
  • Suitable for 3 years and up
  • Write and wipe Math cards allow kids to practice again and again. Contains 30 Cards (Big Size)
  • High quality pattern embossed: the art master of illustration, the pattern is exquisite, the texture is clear, the character image is life like it is good for kids to learn correct stroke order that fosters good penmanship and writing habits

A fun family game that kids would love to play again and again!

-A game of skill and dexterity for 2 to 4 players ages 6 to 99. Playing time approximately 10 minutes.
-With a steady hand, players roll the dice and remove the appropriate color stick from the bundle. Yellow sticks worth 1 point, red sticks worth 2 points and blue sticks worth 3 points.
-The player who causes the bundle to collapse loses and the player with the most points wins.
-Contents include: 9 yellow sticks, 9 red sticks, 9 blue sticks, 1 wooden ring and 1 color die.
-Winner of the Major Fun Award given to games that are quick to learn, quick to play, and fun for lots of people to play again and again and again!

Great for kids to develop concentration, steady hands and practice counting.

Material: Wood

Dimensions:  23 X 10.5 X 3.5cm

Recommended ages: 6 +

  • Pretend play Wooden Toy Game
  • 14 Medical Equipment
  • Role Play With Kids
  • Beech Wood Material
  • Polish & No Burrs
  • Medical Kit Bag Included

Original American design, beautiful pictures filled with naivety, environmentally-friendly paper puzzles. Through games, children can constantly improve their abilities during playing to achieve the effect of edutainment.


Word Search game is made up of 32 cards and 1 marker. There are English word and the card theme on the card. By observing, find the words on the card in the alphabet and circle them with a marker, which are conducive to improve the children's concentration, increase the vocabulary and deepen the memory of the words. The card can be used again.

  • The little crocodile wanted to take a shower, but when he opened the shower, he found no water coming out. He showed disappointment. After checking, he found that there was a problem with the connection of the water pipe. Can you help the crocodile to reconnect the water pipe?
  • This set will help your little one to improve his/her observation skills, logical analysis and hand-eye coordinations!
  • A great way to spend time with your children while activating his/her thinking skills.
  • Suitable for Age: 3+

Magic Acedemy

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. Five students Magic Academy. Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observations. The game helps develop children's observation, concentration, and speed up their reaction.

Where are you from

  • The game contains 30 game cards and 15 magnets. The world is a diverse mix of the people from different races and nations living in different places, Children observe characters and background pictures on the game cards, and then put the magnets onto the correct places on the boards according to their observation. The game familiarizes children with features of different races and nations, also develops their observation and speeds up their reaction.

​​​​​​- 280 Pieces Puzzle ,

Challenge Child's Concentration

- 2mm thickness ,

Smooth edges without burrs

- Puzzle Size : 38.5 cm * 73.5 cm


- Guess The Animal

- Family Game

- 48 Cute Animal Card

- Hands Free Design , Worry Free Fun

- Easy To Keep 


- Family Game With Kids
- Logic Training
- 90 Pieces Monster Puzzle
- 1 x Hourglass
- 1 x Guideline Book
- 6 x Game Gold Coin
- Suitable Age : 5 Years & Abov