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Mideer Sound Puzzle Farm Animals
RM79.00 RM89.00
Mideer Sound Puzzle Farm Animals
Price RM79.00 RM89.00
Size (L x W x H) 22.8 cm x 29 cm x 2 cm
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First, stimulate hearing, imitate sound practice, let the baby take the initiative to open;

Second, 6 Kinds of all-real animal sound effects, to create a real animal farm;

Third, the sense of light sounds, inspire the baby's causal relationship with action → sound;

Fourth, grasp the fine movement exercise, exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination


Process and material: The main body is made of eucalyptus splint, which has strong toughness, is not easy to deform and is smooth to Polish. Grip head: Lotus wood, wood is delicate and hard, annual ring texture is clear and has good corrosion resistance, and the color is warm and moist. Laser cutting: the block is smooth and Burr-free, and the baby can play with confidence. Thermal transfer: the pattern is clear and complete; surface varnish: Green and tasteless, protect the color of the surface coating; after the battery is exhausted, you can: need 2 7th batteries.



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